The Avery Projects

The Avery Projects are named after my best friend Avery Neufeld who died of an overdose on April 4th, 2018. Avery’s testimony encompasses the very essence of these projects, because he passed away while I was on my way to pick him up for treatment. In the world of addiction, days, hours and seconds matter. Avery Projects are missions to close that gap between those who want help and the time it takes to deliver the help they need. This includes street evangelism, conferences, events and possibly interventions. To find out how you can contribute to one of these projects, or request an Avery Project near you, please follow the links below.

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Active Avery Projects:

  1. Christmas on Hastings (Vancouver, BC)

To suggest an Avery Project near you, contact Cody.

The Christmas on Hastings Project

The Christmas on Hastings project encompasses my deep desire to bring love and understanding to the world of addiction. The drug abuse and overdose epidemic has swept the nation crossing all social barriers. Consequently, most families in our country will have an empty seat at the Christmas table this season.

Last year, I went to East Hastings street in Vancouver to immerse myself and love on this community–the same community who many wish to forget even exists especially throughout the holidays. During this profound 10 days I sat with broken men and women and shared my own personal story of redemption, attempting to shine a light of hope in this world of darkness. And God was faithful!

While I was on East Hastings street last Christmas, God had a man named Karl cross my path. And when I left there, Karl came with me. This year, Karl celebrates a year sober from heroin and meth and he will return to serve with me on these same brutal streets he called ‘home’ for two years.

If you wish to contribute a blessing to this year’s Christmas on Hastings mission, clothing donations will be accepted anywhere you see one of our posters. This is an open invitation to join us on December 19th or December 26th between 3PM and 7PM; just meet at the Gospel Mission Society Street Church at 331 Carrall Street. Together, we will serve food, provide haircuts, hand out clothing, and offer prayers for these dear and desperate ones who need to know that they too are loved just as they are.

To provide a financial gift for this Avery Project, please click here or on the button below.

Completed Avery Projects:

  1. Lloydminster Recovery Day 2018 (Lloydminster, SK)
  2. Hope 4 More Conference 2018 (Lloydminster, SK)
  3. Crossroads Prison Ministry Banquet (Halifax, ON) 
  4. Freedoms Door Fundraiser (Summerland, BC)

Lloydminster Recovery Day 2018 (Keynote Speaker)

Cody’s passion and personality embodies the idea that every life counts. Through his unselfish and heartfelt acts of compassion, The Avery Projects are changing the lives of our most vulnerable, every day in communities across Western Canada. After reaching out for support to get a young man into treatment in BC this past summer, I was blown away by Cody’s dedication and spirit of support to get individuals the care they need regardless of the barriers. After successfully supporting this individual towards their new life, they are currently enrolled in school at Miller Bible College in Kelowna. I knew right away that I had to have Cody come and share his story of redemption with our community.

Cody came out to Lloydminster in early September to do a meet and greet for the Residents in Recovery open house and then be the keynote speaker for Recovery Day 2018. His message was heard loud and clear and was a source of inspiration for many of the over 100 participants. Cody shared his story with enthusiasm giving God all the glory for saving his life. Just being around Cody sparks a light in me to follow his path and the path of Jesus to spread this message of hope. I have not experienced this uplifting power many times in my life and I can assure you we will have Cody return to Lloydminster for other events.

Thank-you Cody for your spirit, your commitment, your faith and your compassion. Our community is a better place simply by gracing us with your presence. I look forward to many more Avery Projects in Lloydminster in years to come. Your impact on myself and Lloydminster will resonate in my heart forever. Thank-you for being my brother in Jesus.

Tyler Lorenz
Program Director
Residents in Recovery Society

Hope 4 More Conference 2018 (Keynote Speaker)

I would highly recommend partnering with Cody Bates and the work he is doing through his mission “The Avery Projects” – where Every Life Counts. From the moment, I saw the video, of Cody Bates life, I knew we had to invite him to our city. When you meet Him you will be captivated by his smile, enthusiasm, endless energy, and genuine love for others.

Cody unashamedly articulates his story of redemption and grace and forgiveness; for what God has done in saving his life. We had a packed house for all 3 nights of our outreach – with a message that did not disappoint! Cody knows full well the urgency of getting the gospel message of hope to a broken dying world.

Cody is quickly blazing a trail for others to follow, with a powerful example of what it means to live life on purpose; and GO and make disciples! I’m reminded of Jesus words in Luke 7:47 “but to whom little has been forgiven; the same loves little.” This kind of Love is contagious and will change the world around us! We were truly blessed having him out to our community with so many lives impacted for eternity.

Natalie Ackerman
Executive Director/Founder
Hope 4 More Ministries

Crossroads Prison Ministry Banquet (Keynote Speaker)

Working with Cody was an absolute delight, and I would highly recommend the Avery Project to everyone. Cody was the keynote speaker at Crossroads Prison Ministries’ annual banquet last December in Burlington. The whole audience was deeply touched and captivated by Cody’s testimony and love for Jesus. Cody’s story is a beautiful example of how God rescues us from our past and redeems us for our future.


In addition, Cody spent the rest of his weekend with our ministry blessing and sharing his story with multiple groups. We spent time handing out food and clothing to men living on the streets of Hamilton, while sharing the love of Jesus with them and giving them hope. He also shared his story at a local Christian middle school; and he shared his story with The Meeting House production team, which they will use in their young adult curriculum.


Crossroads Prison Ministries is a discipleship and advocacy ministry for prisoners and their families. We equip the Canadian church to disciple men and women in prison with the Word of God. Cody helped us spread the hope and joy of redemption for men and women in prison across Canada, and we were delighted to hear his story and see his love for Jesus. 

Martie Van Niekerk


Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada


Freedoms Door Fundraiser (Keynote Speaker) 

Cody and I were introduced through a client of mine at Freedom’s Door addiction centre. This client had a personal experience where Cody pointed him to Christ. Through his love in action and desire to have others experience the freedom in Christ he has, Cody took this man and walked with him daily until he was able to see him enter a treatment centre. Cody and I share a love for the lost and broken and have shared many conversations and experiences surrounding this common thread.

I provide counselling services to men struggling in addiction at Freedom’s Door. This service is provided solely from fundraising efforts. When I asked Cody to share his testimony at my home church to help raise money to provide counselling, he jumped at the chance. Cody was on fire with excitement as he shared his experience. He has a strong desire to bring understanding to the world of addiction and to bring the hope of Christ to those in need. His story of how God never gives up on us and leaves the 99 to chase us is powerful beyond words. This fundraiser brought in almost $10,000.00 in one evening. Freedom’s Door was able to use the money to provide counselling services to over 50 men for a year! Cody came back for the second annual fundraiser assisting Freedom’s Door to raise money for counselling in 2019.

In addition to raising money, Cody’s story brought hope to many families and individuals touched by addiction. He answers every message personally and has been involved in directing many individuals to treatment centres. He is engaging, personable and his passion is contagious. I highly recommend hosting an Avery Project to highlight the brokenness and need for hope in our communities. His service will energize those looking to serve the lost and ignite passion in those sitting on the fence. Cody inspires us to make loving others a verb and put it in action. You will be thankful you took the step to have him come… call him today. 

Stephanie Erdt


Freedoms Door


Southern Manitoba Tour

Connecting with Cody was a total setup by the Holy Spirit! Our ministry, Flood and Fire Ministries, is very involved in prison ministry and also those struggling with addictions, so we’re always looking for great prison testimonies! We found Cody’s testimony on YouTube and watched it at one of our youth nights and most of us, leaders included, were in tears at the awesome jaw dropping grace and love of God in Cody’s testimony. We contacted him and to make a long story short, WOW! 

Cody fit into the “family” instantly and was a joy to work with. We cried together, laughed together, prayed together, and worshiped together. All of our events were completely packed and the people were so blessed to hear that God is still very much in the miracle business of restoring and transforming lives! 

Perhaps the greatest moment of the whole weekend was becoming family with Cody and being able to share our hearts with each other and also seeing Cody’s passion for the broken. It was so beautiful to see the Fathers heart in Cody! 

We look forward to continuing to work with Cody as we see the huge call of God on His life and desire to walk with him as he fulfills it. We pray that many others will do so as well as God enlarges His work through Cody’s story. Blessings! 

Ministry Directors, 

Anne Klassen and Catherine Plett


To suggest an Avery Project near you, contact Cody.