THE DEVIL’S PUPIL by Cody Bates | PAPERBACK signed copy


From a life of gangs, murder, large scale drug trafficking, maximum security prison and drug addiction to an instant transforming moment for a hand of the devil, turning a tragic and hellish destiny into one of hope!!!!! [signed limited edition]



This is your chance to be among the first to get your hands on Cody’s debut book: The Devil’s Pupil.

On the outside Cody Bates appeared as any other normal kid on the playground. But abuse, prescription drugs and bullying had manifested anything but normal human emotion for this young boy.

Preteen drug addiction and young offender incarceration transitioned to narcotic trafficking, gangs, murder and maximum-security prison going into adulthood. In a world of organized crime, counter surveillance and violent stiff-arm tactics became a way of life as this diagnosed sociopath fought desperately for the things of this world. Money, power, women and drugs were promised to be a valid sustenance for happiness, but it could never satisfy. To counter the crippling feeling of emptiness consuming him day after day Cody resorted to the only solution he had, cocaine. But as his health deteriorated and his addiction sky-rocketed he fell deeper into psychosis where he would soon realize that the faces, whispers, and sirens that no one but him were seeing and hearing were not just a figment of his imagination, but something far more sinister and intentional. The future appears bleak for this hand of the devil as it becomes obvious to everyone that there is only one way that this all ends. But there are things far worse than dying for a man destroying everything and everyone in his path, such as not being able to die!!!!!!!

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